Our Partners

The Fund works with allies in New York and across the country in the fight to end cash bail and mass incarceration.


The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund hosts the National Bail Fund Network, which works with community bail funds across the country, as well as with organizers and advocates interested in forming bail funds.

The Fund endorses the Movement for Black Lives platform and its vision for a better world. We were proud to partner with Color Of Change, The Movement for Black Lives, Project NIA, Southerners On New Ground, and Law for Black Lives to create a popular education curriculum on Transformative Bail Reform.

The Fund is a proud partner of the National Bail Out.


The Fund works with coalitions and organizations across the state fighting to end cash bail and mass incarceration.

In New York, the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is a member of the #CLOSErikers Coalition and the Jails Justice Network.

The Fund released a report on the lack of transparency and regulation of the for-profit commercial bail bond industry and are working with a coalition of community-based organizations to increase awareness and demand accountability from this predatory industry.

The Fund also supports #SwipeItForward, a city-wide campaign and call- to-action for all New Yorkers to do their part to help end Broken Windows Policing by using their unlimited metrocard to legally swipe their neighbors onto the subway.

The Fund recently partnered with the Center for Urban Pedagogy to produce a plain language guide to help New Yorkers navigate the complicated bail payment process and make informed choices.