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Over 4,000 Individuals Served.

We have kept over 4,000 New Yorkers out of jail, individuals who are presumptively innocent and who would have been jailed for their poverty alone or compelled to plead guilty just to go home.


Fairer Case Outcomes.

Home and free to fight the charges against them, our clients are three times as likely to have their cases dismissed or resolved favorably compared with similarly situated individuals detained pretrial on low amounts of bail. They don’t have to plead guilty in weak cases, to unreasonable charges, and to crimes they did not commit. Better case outcomes mean that many of our clients are spared from a criminal record and its lifelong impact on housing, employment, and education.


$1,100: Average Amount Paid to Secure Freedom.

On average, $1,100 is the difference between freedom and jail for the New Yorkers we serve. Unable to raise a few hundred dollars, our clients’ would have spent an average of roughly two weeks in jail.


95% of Clients Make all Scheduled Court Appearances.

Our clients have no financial obligation to us, yet 95% of them make all required court appearances, which can be as few as two or three, or as many as a dozen or more. As clients make their court dates, funds revolve back to us, available to help another individual in need.